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Full text of interview ahead of June 1 appearance at Hi-Tech

Full text of interview ahead of June 1 appearance at Hi-Tech

Please tell us why Hi-Tech has chosen to feature “TECHDANCE” at this time’s party as well as the previous one.

Hi-Tech is by no means a party featuring TECH DANCE. First of all, Hi-Tech is a new techno party that ZEROTOKYO started in April, Basically, it is probably a pure techno party. So when Mr. Norita first asked me to do a TECHNO SET, I thought, “What? I was a bit confused. It was a sudden call from a booking manager in Japan while I was on a trance event tour in the U.S. under the Dreamstate brand. As you know, my career is very long. The early days of club music were chaotic in a good sense, Everything was called “techno,” and it was very exciting. At that time, I was also making and playing “techno” in that broad or nuanced sense. However, I am not a so-called techno fundamentalist as we call it in later times, I said that I would accept the offer if I could play an exclusive set of TECHDANCE, which is party oriented techno(haha)for me.

What is your own musical characteristic or image of “TECHDANCE”?

It’s exactly the kind of chaos I just described…well, what can I say, it’s party-oriented, fuckin’ crazy uplifting techno. It is based on a brutal beat in the so-called hard techno style, with a touch of old-school rave, It also has a trance-like sense of space and grandiose breaks. It’s very playful and full of tricks.

If you were to tell someone who has not yet heard of techdance, what would you tell them about its appeal?

It’s a very party-oriented sound, so I feel like people can enjoy it without worrying about the genre. Anyway, TECHDANCE has a lot of the sound that club music used to have, not clear, dirty in a good way. I think any club music fans will enjoy it.

How did you feel when you actually played the last TECHDANCE SET?

I removed “BIOMEHANIKA” from my name and spread TECHDANCE under the name “YOJI” from 2007 to about 2013. Since after then, I have not sealed TECHDANCE, but felt it had become a part of me. So I no longer do anything specializing in that area. Last year, on October 9, “Tech Dance Day” was held in Osaka hosted by Remo-con, and I played a set that was 100% tech dance only. It had been a long time since I played a set that was 100% tech dance only, and everything was great! Both the crowd and the performers were like the DNA of TECHDANCE is still undiminished. And with those memories still fresh in my mind, it was a lot of fun to perform the EXCLUSIVE TECHDANCE SET for Hi-Tech, It was a great opportunity for me to bring it to my fans in Tokyo.

What do you envision for the next TECHDANCE SET?

The image is 120% tech dance! More and more! I will play the best tech dance! I hope you all look forward to it.

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