[ 2023.09.19 ]

10.09 IT'S TECH DANCE DAY / YOJI's appearance in the show is revealed!

Remo-con, which has made great strides as the standard bearer of the post-hard dance/tech trance movement in the real underground since 2007, has designated October 9 as “Tech Dance Day” and will hold an exclusive party that will be a 100% throwback to tech dance! And it has been announced that YOJI BIOMEHANIKA will be performing there! The additional information on the party is as follows: “YOJI BIOMEHANIKA is going to participate in the party! As a king of tech-dance “YOJI”, only on this day! A miraculous revival of the blitz!” YOJI, who once led the tech dance movement, will descend on the 10.09 Tech Dance Day!
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