[ 2023.08.12 ]

Unreleased work produced in 2018 is now available on bandcamp

Details of the release / quoted from the post to X

I’m not sure if my memory is clear, but I was working on this song in 2018

or so when my main computer’s hard drive crashed in the middle of the work.

I had to abandon the production. Then we were hit by a corona pandemic.

I had a long stay-home and plenty of time to try to salvage the data.

Then, I lined up the recovered data on a DAW and made a prototype,

which we managed to complete with the cooperation of MKN,

with whom we had been talking about collaborating for some time.

Now I am completely back to my default musical style as YOJI BIOMEHANIKA,

but at the time of this production, I was a little bit into reverse bass music.

I thought people who like that kind of sound would enjoy it,

so I decided to release it on this limited series. 

This is a limited time release. Available until August 19!

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