[ 2023.04.04 ]

'ageHa THE MOVIE 2001-2022' is now available on Youtube!

January 30, 2022. ‘ageHa’ ended its 20 years of activity in Shinkiba, Tokyo. Opened at the end of 2002, ageHa is one of Japan’s largest multipurpose entertainment spaces and club brands. Also known as “Studio Coast” during the day, the main room, ARENA, holds 2,400 people. The entire venue boasts a capacity of over 4,000 people. It has also transcended the boundaries of an event space to become a nexus of diverse cultures and a source of information, attracting the support of its audience and attracting many top artists to play there. They have certainly been a driving force in the Japanese dance music scene of the 2000s. With the hope of preserving such ageHa records and having them passed down to as many people as possible, Moment Tokyo (now MMT), a company whose mission is to document the music scene, and Ageha Productions, ageHa’s planning company, have launched a joint project to produce a video work. The production and filming of the film took more than a year due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona Disaster and the extremely complex social situation. The total material amounted to more than 1,000 hours, and the film was finally edited in a documentary format to closely follow the last month of the 20-year period. What was the reason people had gathered there for 20 years? What kind of air flowed there when the sound of the box stopped? “Where are we going to lose this place?” The film depicts the conflicts in the hearts of those who have feelings for ageHa and the hope that is connected to them.

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