[ 2022.08.18 ]


YOJI BIOMEHANIKA has begun a new chapter in his storied career with the launch of the ‘2022 REWORKED’ project. The series has kicked off with the August 19 release of ‘DING A LING (2022 REWORKED MIX)’. On August 10, this master producer’s classic albums ‘TECHNICOLOR NRG SHOW’ (2001) and ‘TALES FROM THE BIG ROOM’ (2004) became available on digital platforms, providing an opportunity to revisit those albums just as they sounded back in the day. Now, as a whole new generation discovers YOJI BIOMEHAINKA and his many timeless anthems, his next work has finally been unveiled. ‘DING A LING’ was originally included on ‘TECHNICOLOR NRG SHOW’, overwhelming audiences with its unique sound – notably including the sound of a bell that resounded in the otherwise silent break, followed immediately by a crushing synth riff. This track came to be one of the defining moments of YOJI’s career, and its unique sound was a huge hit on dancefloors everywhere. ‘DING A LING’ was licensed and released by major overseas labels such as Druck in Germany and Anthem in Italy, architects of the big-room scene trends of the era. YOJI’s friend and ally Scot Project remixed the track for one such licensed release, and from the moment YOJI played this version at 2002’s massive Dance Valley outdoor festival in Holland, it went on to dominate audiences around the world. The track was also a huge hit in Japan’s club scene, and to this day it is regarded as a trance classic. Don’t miss this timeless gem, now reborn as ‘DING A LING (2022 REWORKED MIX)’. Some two decades after its first release, now is the time to discover the updated version of a masterpiece.
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