Dance Valley 2017 HQ ReCup on YouTube


Enjoy the After Movie of Dance Valley 2017 HQ Stage


Watch This Funny Moments! IN THE LAB with Sam Audiofreq



The 2nd triler for AGEHARD released! For more details

Dance Valley 2017 |HQ| Warm Up Mix


YOJI has provided his special warm up mix for Dance Valley 2017 |HQ|

Please Enjoy it


Kutski returns to the KTRA turntables with another fresh dose of the harder styles ahead of his Japan tour along with Japanese hard dance legend Yoji Biomehanika in the guest mix. 360 degrees of the harder styles of dance music!!!!

This upload was 1st in the Hardstyle chart and 1st in the Hardcore chart !!!!

AGEHARD Official Artist Photo Released

0721 GO HARD Trailer Launched

Gallery update


Added some pictures on Gallery which taken at AGEHARD/ ageHa Tokyo. Photo by  Masanori Naruse

Launch New Party AGEHARD

 YOJI BIOMEHANIKA, Remo-con and ageHa Tokyo a biggest venue in Japan teamed up for a brand new party “AGEHARD” for next harder generation . It will be launched on MAY 13. Never miss it. More info at >>

Gallery Update


Go to Gallery page and Enjoy some pictures which taken at 0401 GO HARD by SKINNY a cool photographer.