[GIRAFFE JACK] 1st Lineup Announcement

TERMINAL X “Join us for an interactive livestream experience”


Enjoy a unique experiment in a post-covid-19 era!

Join us for an interactive livestream experience on
May 23rd at JST 22:00 / UTC 12:00 / CET 14:00 / PDT 06:00 / EDT 09:00




DJ & producer YOJI BIOMEHANIKA will join forces with visual artists TOSHIHIRO SAKAI and HiWANKER to create an experimental and interactive livestream concept show that invites all participants to enjoy in real-time.

This Twitch livestream will present a special studio performance (at Club Joule Osaka) by YOJI BIOMEHANIKA, while visual artists TOSHIHIRO SAKAI and HiWANKER create a mixture of visuals in real-time.

‘An experiment aimed at the post-covid-19 era that everyone who participates will enjoy’ by YOJI BIOMEHANIKA

In place of a real club experience that has become unattainable as of mate, a unique cloud space will be created using web conferencing service ZOOM. Their aim is to create not only a party experience, but to provide a new and exciting concept to change the clubbing experience altogether.

Because this unprecedented project is an ‘experiment’ in itself, participants can enjoy the unexpected accidents and happenings that will inevitably accompany it.

The main broadcast will open with special performance by dance crew Hamutsun Serve, plus special messages from international artists to their fans.

Even in a Stay Home society, sound & vision and clubbers’ energy can finally be reunited in this innovative experimental project, creating a new club culture in a post-covid-19 era.

TOSHIHIRO SAKAI will create a real-time visual experience via ZOOM, while organizing an online party room for up to 100 participants at a time (number subject to change) on the same service.

The sound & vision of the club will be combined with the interaction of Stay Home clubbers to create a new and exciting experience. Let’s enjoy this interactive Twitch livestream experience together!



App Store 



Google Play 





Meeting ID : 892 7902 5669

password : 042trmnlx 


If you have already installed the ZOOM application,

you can join the online party simply by entering the Meeting ID, your name and password above.

If you haven’t installed the ZOOM application yet,

Access https://zoom.us/support/download

and install the application suitable for your system and enter the Meeting ID and password above when it starts up.



iOS >  Go to App Store and install ZOOM Cloud Meeting 

enter the Meeting ID and password above when it starts up.

Android > Go to play store and install ZOOM Cloud Meeting

enter the Meeting ID and password above when it starts up.


The online Party begins at 22:00 (JST), the same time as the main program on Twitch.

Participation is on a first-come-first-served basis
*Up to 100 participants at a time (number subject to change)



If you have any inquiries




Goodgreef returns to Manchester on Saturday 28th March 2020 for their 20th Birthday with a huge line-up across Two Rooms, Pre & Afterparty. [Postponed due to corona virus]

Dreamstate SoCal 2019


The Dreamstate team announced that YOJI BIOMEHANIKA will play at this year’s Dreamstate SoCal 2019.
The world’s premier all-trance music festival returns to its home in Southern California. Experience the ethereal beats and timeless melodies of this resurging genre of electronic dance music.